– Can Command Squads use their skills on an Aircraft?
- Is it possible to have several times the same Hero in an army?
No. However, it is possible to have the same Hero in opposing armies.
- Aircrafts have to move every round – do they have to move their full movement value or can
they just move one square?
Aircrafts have to make at least one MOVE action every round and have to move their full
movement value during this action. Also Aircrafts have to end their movement as far away as
possible from the square they occupied when the round started (they can’t move three
squares to come back to their original position). The Hover skill negates this.
For all single-base squads:
- How is their attack affected by taking wounds?
Using regular Dust Tactics rules. The fact that this squad stands on a single base is just
“cosmetic.” Rules are not affected by this. When a member of the squad is lost, its weapons are
lost. If useful, you can cross them directly on the unit card.
Example: A squad of JagdGrenadiere has a PaK 7,5 cm gun, a MG 44 zwei and a Combat Knife.
All these weapons have (1) next to their name, so you have only one of each. If you loose one
member of the squad, cross one weapon. If you loose two, you only have the gun, or the MG, or
the Knife. For any other unit, look at what the guys are carrying to figure out what weapon you
- How many dice do flame/grenade weapons roll against them?
Again, being on a single base is “cosmetic” only. You roll as many dices as there are miniatures
on the base. By default, roll as many dice as the unit’s HEALTH. Of course adjust this number if
the weapon used is 2/damage, for example.
Example: using the same squad as above, you’d roll three dice as there are three miniatures in
the squad, with a regular Flamethrower.
- How much space do they occupy in a carrier vehicle?
The same as they would occupy if every miniature belonging to the squad was on a single
- Do Tank Riders gain the same Line of Sight rules as vehicles?
- If a Command Squad is tank riding on a command vehicle, does it still get to reroll for skills?
No. It needs to be carried (using Carry Capacity) to get the reroll.
- Does the Hailstorm’s Mortar need to Reload?
No. Artillery units that need to Reload all have Reload written on their unit card.
- How can limited ammo be used with Aircrafts? All at once or is it restricted by weapon line?
Limited Ammo follow the regular rule no matter which type of unit uses them. They are
always restricted to one use per round per weapon line.
- How exactly do you determine which squares must be affected and which can be avoided in a
long range Napalm or Tesla attack?
Exactly the same way as you figured out Range in the first place. You count the squares, these
are the squares affected.
- Will there be an errata for old scenarios? Some scenarios mechanics have been broken by the
new units released abilities.
No. But we will use “old scenarios” to make new ones.
- Does smoke affect aircraft?
- How does Damage Resilience work against the Steel Rain’s Petard Mortar?
You roll one dice for every damage inflicted, ignoring damage on a HIT result. In the case of a
tank, if the result should destroy the tank in a single shot, roll one dice. If you score a HIT, the
Petard’s shell bounces off harmlessly from the tank: it takes no damage.
- What happens if I have a NCO squad Stimulant Kit on a hero with the pilot skill and that hero
enters a vehicle?
Nothing. The pilot and its vehicle form a new unit. It’s then not subject to the Stimulant Kit